Statement of the Center’s Director



All praise is due to Allah, and the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Messenger, upon his family and disciples.

There is no doubt, that societies' progress depends, after Allah's help and guidance, upon the complete and accurate understanding of all factors and elements that influence those societies, thus leading to the correct planning for the progress and development of its future as well as to reaching the effective prescription and solutions to their problems.

Social sciences and Humanities can help, with the permission of Allah, in the understanding of the various factors that affect individuals; psychologically, socially, economically and politically, among other types of influences.

Furthermore, social sciences can also help in understanding the characteristics of societies and their needs as well as in monitoring negative phenomena that may hinder such progress. All of these benefits can be achieved in a very strong and solid framework of Islamic values and noble manners which guarantee respect for human dignity which is Allah's given gift, motivated by mercy and concern for the benefit of our citizens and our nation and motivated by the principle of competition for the purpose of improvement and leadership in goodness and righteousness.

Therefore, the King Abdul Aziz University has realized the level of its responsibility as well as the importance of its role to serve our Society, Country and Nation through objective studies, solid scientific research and cooperation with various entities, and through coupling the scientific results with practical and effective applications in the forms of recommendations, awareness programs, consultations and training.

The University's leadership had planned, prepared and requested the approval for the establishment of this Center.

Our wise leadership, may Allah bestow more guidance and success upon them, and in continuation of their tradition, have bestowed royal honor upon the Center by the agreement to establish the Center.

Therefore, we thank Allah first and foremost, then we thank our leadership for its confidence in the Center and for its encouragement and support for everything that serves Islam and the Nation, then to the generous administration of our university for their initiative, ambitious vision and for their continuous support.

All of this enhances our commitment and determination to carry the message, achieve the objective and the development of our beloved nation within the framework of our Islamic and Arab values and traditions.

May Allah, the Almighty, guide us and make our efforts successful.


Director of The Center for Social and Humanities Research
Professor Mohammed Ben Said Al-Ghamdi


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2/1/2013 10:07:57 PM