Statement of KAU President


Praise be to Allah and the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Messenger.

King Abdul Aziz University, out of its conviction in the importance of scientific research, strives to become a world class research-based university with the help of Allah-the Almighty- first and foremost, then with the efforts of our wise leadership which spares no efforts in encouraging and supporting the University, both materially and immaterially, and through the dedication and efforts of the sincere university members both males and females. This is in addition to the constructive and fruitful cooperation with distinguished researchers and reputable research centers around the world.

And The Center for social and Humanities Research is one of the University's pillars in achieving its research goals, and in reaching its objectives in well-founded scientific research in social and humanities fields. These fields which are being ignored or delayed by those who fail to value them in spite of the fact that social bonds, healthy human relations as well as social and psychological stability are dependent upon them. This is particularly important amidst highly influential global changes, both positive and negative, which are taking place in the global village and affecting us with varying degrees and many ways while realizing that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has unique societal and cultural characteristics in values, ethics and all other aspects of life.

The University, therefore, hopes that The Center for social and Humanities Research fulfils the hopes placed upon it in becoming a leading and envied center as well as a very important monument for the renaissance of our beloved Nation. This can become a possibility with the motivation and support the Center has received from our leadership, in addition to the support which the University continues to provide both materially and scientifically to help the Center in achieving its objectives.
It is obvious that the Center's achievements through its short time of existence such as winning some giant national projects and also through its partnerships and cooperation with highly influential and effective entities in the Society are clear indications of the anticipated prominent success of the Center's in the future, God willing, and an evidence for the enrichment of all social and humanities aspects through both research and studies.

The utmost gratefulness and respect are for the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King AbdAllah bin AbdulAziz and to his Royal Highness, the Royal Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, may Allah bless them, for their continuous support, and to his Highness Dr. Khalid bin Muhammad Al 'Anqari, the Minister of Higher Education for his continuous follow up and guidance in all aspects of the University's affairs.
With best wishes for guidance and righteousness to all of the Center's leaders and to the Center for achieving its goals.


And Allah is the Grantor of success,


KAU President
Professor Ossama Tayyeb

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2/1/2013 10:09:27 PM