Statement of Professor Adnan ben Hamzah Zahid KING ABDULAZIZ UNIVERSITY Vice President


Praise be to the Lord of the worlds, and the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His last Prophet and Messenger.

Indeed, the Center for Social and Humanities Research is distinct in its comprehensiveness manifested in the inclusion of thirteen unites, each of which addresses with studies and research an important aspect of social and humanistic spheres of life which concern individuals, societies, relations and policies. Furthermore, the Center is distinct in the aspect that it goes beyond the sphere of theorization, studies and research to the practical reality through presenting solutions, suggestions and constructive and practical programs that institutionalize the positive developments and obstruct negative ones.

Our hopes are, therefore, placed upon – after Allah, the Almighty – the Center for Social and Humanities Research for contributing valuably to the enrichment of human thought, development of citizens, the society and in the acceleration of the development wheel and progress of our beloved nation in the most important of its aspects, namely humanistic and social ones.

There is no more indicative of this than the Center’s shouldering the responsibility of executing leading projects with practical results and noticeable effects that should push our beloved nation to the ranks of the first world as are the hopes and goals of our excellent leadership as well as the hopes of every sincere citizen in our generous Nation.

Examples of these projects include the curricula, centers and schools of giftedness, creativity and invention for the Ministry of Education, the Youth protection against crime Program for the Makkah Al Mukarramah region and the studies on the sources and causes for divorce prevention for the Society of Neighborhood’s Centers as well as other projects and programs that benefit the individual and the Society.

Also, of the unique features of the Center is that it transcends the boundaries of the University to establish societal partnerships that should lead to constructive cooperation, cultural and social development and, at the same time, competition in pleasing the Lord and in the development of society.

The Center also seeks to cooperate with houses of expertise and research centers of international reputation in the fields of the Center as well as in other fields that can help the Center in reaching its goals. This is in addition to the strengthening of scientific cooperation, institutionalizing international dialogue among societies and civilizations which can lead to deepened common understanding, noble values and nurture respectful dialogue.

It is expected for these projects, programs and partnerships as well as other activities of this leading Center to benefit the Nation. Furthermore, it is expected for its benefits to transcend the Nation’s borders to benefit regional and international circles particularly Arab and Islamic ones because of the exceptional quality and the rising needs for these projects.


We ask Allah, the Almighty, for guidance to all for the benefit of righteousness, people and nations.


KAU Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research,
Professor Adnan Ben Hamzah Zahid

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2/3/2013 11:44:46 PM