Goals and Objectives


1. To conduct scientific research and offer consultations in social and humanistic areas for the purpose of producing a comprehensive surge in scientific research related to the Saudi Society in areas such as family, women, youth, education, giftedness and creativity, culture and identity, citizenship and social responsibility, orientations and public opinion, population and social planning and planning, crime, illicit drugs, language development and translation.

2. To offer practical and thoroughly studied solutions for treating, and thus limiting the spread of the social problems in the Society.

3. To monitor the concerns and obstacles in the Society in areas of social sciences and humanities and to make the results, recommendations and solutions available for the use of various agencies, establishments and higher education institutions in the Kingdom.

4. To conduct scientific field studies to determine and clarify the facts and realities of new social phenomena experienced in the Saudi society.

5. To offer systematic and scientific evaluation of the efforts to combat negative social phenomena.

6. To expand awareness of the social and national culture among various sectors of the Society.

7. To prepare and develop programs for professionals’ preparation and development in the social and humanities areas.

8. To prepare scientific manuals to guide various societal sectors on most recommended ways in dealing with negative social phenomena and the prevention of their negative consequences.

9. To provide social and psychological counseling for families, educational establishments, social care organizations and security agencies.

10. To prepare and make available scientific, accurate and joint studies related to the social problems and their humanistic concerns.

11. To establish cooperative relationships between the Center and other similar national, Arab and foreign institutions.

12. To design religious, social, psychological and other information programs to minimize the spread of negative social phenomena in the Society.


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